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I had never thought that our small, beautiful and liberal country would abandon and run into a brick wall all principles. Since we have joined the EU, our politicians have got lost politics totally. The only thing that comes inot their head now and then, is to patronize, to discriminate and to incapacitate people. Also dogs and dog keeping belong to it. What has harmonized and functioned over decades, even centuries, becomes a problem today. Breeds also partially fabricated, are put on a kind of watchlist or index randomly. The only reason for that is to get more control over a certain group once again, to overwhelm with regulations and to cash up. Especially Bullterriers of all kind and their relatives, Bulldogs, Mastiffs and Rottweiler are hit by that. I am really affected, for finally DDr. Hauck - one of my heroes - a real canine expert and Bullterrier breeder and probably the most famous one in the German speaking world, a fancier of this breed, which also adorns his gravestone. In my opinion the only worth mentioning one in Austria. However, that's not the only restriction: smoking ban for adults in pubs and restaurants, it's not left to the landlord, but somebody thinks to know what should be justified. The harassments are endless - from the light bulb to the cash register - every month new regulations and restrictions. Miserable paper pushers, sticking to their chairs and wanting to keep their well-paid jobs, try to prove their right to exist. All my friends abroad, who really know me and are not yet part of the "forcing benefit" EU, should put all into motion being possible politically not to join this union. Only pie in the sky and claptrap. They will take you all, not only the dog, they will hit you the cigarette out of your hand, even the air to breathe.

Comparing the 1980s and 1990s with nowadays, where hadn't we been, no matter which country, far away the touristic routes - we let not miss out on anything, we felt fine and all was ok. Tell me one point being of advantage! There isn't anyone, only those feel well, who are manipulating, dictating and profiting by it. It can't go on like that in Europe à la longue - that's my hundred percent conviction. I'm looking forward to see disappear these dull types with their stupid visages from the media and hopefully will vanish into insignificance forever.

I'm wondering, to come back to the dog again, why veterinarians, having a say, don't give a shout (will it take a little bit more time to realize?). Politically these dictators lean onto canine clubs and other institutions, thinking to have a say. However, if that knowing nothing, will ask those having no idea of all, this never won't work out. But it's evident that the dogs we're talking about, have to be healthy from A-Z, not only Bullterriers, but other working dogs too, like game Terrier, Lurcher or Boarhounds. Only breeders, breeding for perfomance, will be able to insure, for there soundness will be the main goal. Of course, the vet won't gain too much in doing so (my last Bullterrier which became 16 years, hat met the vet at the age of one year for the last time, also his belly brother, which became 14 years). But it's vice versa with the FCI clubs. Literally all dogs, from the Spitz to the Chow Chow, the Dachshund to the Bloodhound, the Whippet to the Irish Wolfhound and many others are bred misused and senseless reproduced year to year. From the Spaniel to the Bullterrier, usually the dog is bought on Friday, on Monday it will have its first visit at the vet's. No climbing the stairs, no running, not too much movement and best would be to carry - therefore all that a young dog would need for its development, doesn't be good for it. But canine clubs and of course veterinarians will enjoy. In the meantime the "academic club" gets a lot of support, for, if anyone wears it like a monstrance, he will be heard. We want to make an opposite pole to it. We'll spare no effort that sound dogs will be bred, be it the small Hunting Terrier, a Sportmastiff, guarding house and farm, or a Lurcher, the fastest and most useful hunter. We won't let put a ban on it.

These are some examples for a better understanding. All these dogs aren't member of the FCI and today's breeders, knowing breeding, do that related to practice. These dogs neither hunt for the Danube Cup, nor are they limping for a cheesy sticker at Crufts, but they hunt hare, fox and boar, protect their home and property with proverbial persistence from those having in mind no good. In recent times they have to face up again seriously to immigrants like wolf and bear. 




Left a showfreak apparently having some difficulty to stand, right a working Clumber that is able to run and jump, meeting the requirements during the hunting season weekend after weekend.




Left a today's Bulldog, which already gave up standing and except of lying only wants to be carried. Right a real intact Gargoyle Bulldog, bred in USA, knowing what life is all about and consequently will defend all entrusted to its care with proverbial stubborness.




 TODAY'S MASTINO - believe me, I have no words, make your own judgement.

SPORTMASTIFF OF RECENT TIME - power and elegance united, as an unexpected and unasked visitor I would take it serious.




As a practicing hunter for decades, in hunting grounds, where boars always have been present, such dogs always inspired me. More or less they are the foundation for many dog strains we know today like Dogo, Alano, Alaunt and so on. Fanciers, really having the opportunity to hunt with them, tell in accordance there would be nothing better - be it Australia, Brazil, Argentine, England, where ever.

There would be a hundred other examples, from the Irish Wolfhound to the small Patterdale - they all want none of the FCI.

Keep up breeding your pitiable creatures and score chronic diseases with perverted dedication. That's your funeral. We won't get in your way for sure. Our point of view of a sound working dog is that we've introduced. Therefore get out of the way of us over a wide area.



We'll inform you and found an European movement away from the FCI, in fact with people of the same point of view.


Those political parties with the same point of view of the general development taking action against it, can be sure of our vote (and we are many and always become more).



My right-hand wife Marlene has been involved from the beginning, it hadn't been possible without her participation, not only does she like to work with the computer, she also revises and alleviates my sometimes too hearty diction to a convenient one. It wouldn't be doable without her.